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Bore water treatment solution for irrigation and stock

Posted on June 23, 2014 calcium scale, salinity, stock water, pumps and pipes

Water problems such as salinity, scale and iron are serious threats to household gardens, the livestock industry and small and large-scale irrigation enterprises in regional Australia who rely on bore water for survival.

Bore water problems are an ongoing issue in rural Australia with a growing number of people relying on their bore supplies as dry conditions bite hard across many parts of the country’s inland areas.

With scant water supplies farmers are looking to improve the quality of the bore water they have for their homes, livestock and irrigation enterprises.

Many are turning to our 100% Australian water treatment technology for a solution with demand for ourwater treatment systems for bore water growing every year. Much of that demand is from farmers relying on bore water in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia who are all experiencing ongoing drought conditions.

One of the water treatment technology products attracting the most attention is the DELTA Heavy Duty SLrange, custom-made specifically for water untreatable in the past due to extremely high mineral and salt content. It can treat water with up to 8000uS/c, Electrical Conductivity (5000ppm salt).

It’s really exciting to provide a water treatment technology solution to farmers who are struggling because of their poor quality bore water.

NSW irrigator Stephen Way from Whittier Park near Deniliquin

DELTAwater solutions ‘chucked a big lifeline’ to our farm when we installed the technology in 2009. We contacted DELTAwater because the bore water we were using for sheep and to irrigate crops was ‘destroying the country’. We were doing that much damage using the bore that we had to limit its use during the long drought of the 2000s. Our land was becoming obsolete because of the build-up of salt in the soil and growing sodium problems. In years of drought I very much doubt that if the DELTA water treatment technology wasn’t installed whether we’d even be here.

Central western NSW Angus stud owner Netta Holmes Lee

The DELTA Heavy Duty water treatment technology products have brought quality water to my cattle, reliability to my reticulated watering system and peace to my mind.

We totally rely on a bore for our livestock and faced continual problems of blocked pipes from calcium scale. DELTA has given us the perfect solution – in the first month, with the combination of the DELTA water treatment and regular flushing, we could see the calcium’s white powder and small flakes coming through the pipe. We could quickly see it was going to work. We’ve now got six DELTAs in strategic places and flushing outlets on those lines as well. I’ve seen first-hand that DELTA water treatment technology works, saves lots of time and lots of worries.