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Water Treatment Technology Australia – A Non-Chemical Approach

Posted on September 13, 2012

The DELTA modern water treatment technology Australia reduces the impact of hardness of water, salinity in water, iron in water and high mineral content in water.

Ourproducts and systems resolve water problems including salinity, hardness, high-levels of calcium and iron, and scale build-up in all types of water – bore water, town water, river water, irrigation water, garden water.

The DELTA solution is simple, versatile, easy-to-install and works without the use of chemicals or electricity. Is it environmentally-friendly, leaving no carbon footprint and requiring no maintenance. It is an affordable and cost-effective solution for water quality problems.

DELTA water treatment products are available in clamp-on types, which simply clamp over existing pipework, or flanged types which are cut-inserted into pipes. Different models offer different strengths, depending on the particular water quality problem you are facing. There are heavy duty,bore-holeair-conditioning and swimming pool specialty DELTA water treatment systems to ensure that our company meets every need for improved water quality.

There is a DELTA water treatment technology product to suit every pipe size and type and every situation from single-point residential applications to comprehensive water delivery systems in industrial settings.

The first step is to contact our Water Advisory Service and order a water test kit, send in your sample, and we will test it in our laboratory and make informed recommendations to solve your water quality problems.

The DELTA water treatment technology prevents corrosion in plumbing and fittings, stops blockages caused by mineral scale build-up, gets rid of mineral staining on surfaces and eliminates inefficiencies in water delivery systems caused by poor quality water. It reduced the need for harsh chemicals and detergents and dramatically decreases maintenance time and expenses.

You will find DELTA products right across Australia and overseas – our 100% Australian product has proven success in improving water quality in a wide range of applications in the government and commercialagriculturalindustrialmining and domestic sectors. Wherever there is water, there isDELTAwater!