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Abbatoir scale build-up solved

Posted on September 13, 2012

Export abattoir Southern Meats of Goulburn successfully solved a struvite issue by applying DELTAwater solutions technology. Southern Meats contacted Delta in August 2000 with a problem involving a crystalline scale build-up in their effluent-irrigation system.

Wash-down water from holding pens and the abattoir is pumped into a series of three effluent dams. The resulting effluent is pumped from the third dam through a 150 millimetre pipe, one kilometre in one direction and three kilometres in another to two large mobile irrigators.

The crystalline build-up was so bad in the irrigation mail line that only one irrigator could be used. Tests showed the build up to be pure struvite, a common problem in abattoirs and piggeries and costly and time-consuming to remove.

DELTAwater solutions recommended the installation of a DELTA SU-IN200SB onto the suction line of the pump at the third effluent dam to keep the pump and the pipeline clean of struvite build-up.
The Delta SU-IN200SB was installed early November 2000. In mid February 2001, Southern Meats reported an increase in water pressure in the irrigation main line by 10 psi. They were also able to operate both traveling irrigators at the one time, for the first time in three years. This increase in pressure was a direct result of the DELTA water treatment technology gradually descaling the struvite in the pipe.

The pump was scheduled to go out of service to descale struvite build up in May 2001 but this became unnecessary after installing the DELTA technology.