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Delta provides solutions for aged-care centre

Posted on January 1, 2011

A combination of timing, necessity and simple word-of-mouth has led to an aged-care facility in Queensland overcoming major water-quality problems thanks to the DELTA water treatment technology. The 100% Australian product of DELTAwater solutions has also improved efficiency in the centre’s maintenance operations and freed up staff to spend time on other tasks and projects.

Brodribb Home in Toowoomba, an 80-bed aged-care centre, called on the expertise of DELTAwater solutions to help solve a frustrating and time-consuming problem. Maintenance staff now can’t help but praise the company, its product and the technology it uses.

Brodribb Home had experienced the side-effects of ‘hard’ water, a problem made worse by artesian bore water which authorities had added to a diminishing domestic freshwater supply to meet demand.

Home maintenance supervisor Geoff Chipperfield said the level of dissolved solids in the water had ‘gone through the roof’ and dramatically increased scale problems. Physically dealing with a build-up of scale in pan sterilisers, dish washers, and on pads and brackets on evaporative air-coolers had become a weekly routine.

“We used an acid de-scaler in the pan sterilisers and dishwashers, this to a large degree kept things scale free. We had to do this every week and it was getting worse,” Mr Chipperfield said. “Hot boxes are used to keep water at a high temperature for the sterilisation process in pan flushers. There was always residual scale in the ‘hot boxes’ and the jets and hot water distribution system started blocking up weekly.”

Mr Chipperfield said maintenance worker Brett Sendall, every Monday morning, had to pull the jets out of the pan flushers and drill them out ‘often poking scale out with a piece of wire’ just to keep them working. In a quirk of fate, Mr Chipperfield stumbled across a solution at the same time the scaling had become a problem.

“I didn’t go looking for any answers, it was a word-of-mouth process whilst discussing the problem of scaling with Steve of Water Magic in Toowoomba, an agent for DELTAwater solutions. The answer came when the problem was at its worst,” he said.

Brett Sendall, dealing at the coalface of the problem, said installation of magnetic water system on the main water supply to the centre had halved his workload in maintaining the systems. “The proof’s in the pudding and I’ve told everyone who comes here to see what we’ve done,” he said. “There’s no scale build-up in the pan steriliser hot-water tanks and all I have to do now is preventative maintenance such as a clean and flush through of the steriliser cavity – no chipping away at scale,” he said.

“Now we don’t have to pull the pads out of the evaporative coolers or clean the brackets with a wire brush. When I get up and have a look now they usually don’t need much of a clean at all. I’m rapt and as far as we’re concerned it’s magnificent. Fellow maintenance officers from other facilities are amazed.”