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Calcium Scale Build Up – DELTA Keeps Evaporative Cooling Pads Clean

Posted on November 15, 2009

A trial using the DELTA water treatment technology to eliminate heavy calcium scale build-up on evaporative cooling pads in Queensland has proved a major success. A DELTA CU40 unit, installed on PVC pipe carrying water from a pump to the pads, has dramatically improved conditions for an Inghams contract grower at Beaudesert.

Scale had built up on all surfaces inside and outside cooling pads, preventing the pads from getting wet. This greatly reduced the system’s cooling efficiency. Scale build-up on edges of the pads was also hard and difficult to remove. After six weeks of DELTA water treatment, calcium scale was no longer evident on the pads’ internal surfaces. Light scale on outer edges were ‘soft and furry’ and easily brushed off by hand.

The trial showed that DELTA treatment prevented calcium scale build-up and broke down existing scale.