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DELTA Diamond water treatment delivers perfect cup of coffee

Posted on March 15, 2022
When one of our customers, coffee cart owners in Newcastle, installed a DELTA Diamond to treat scale build-up in their van caused by harsh town water, the quality of their coffee improved as did the popularity of the business.
They no longer had to deal with continual blockages in their coffee machine or the sink tap which would also get blocked due to the calcium scale buildup. The DELTA Diamond also helped get a consistent flow of water through the coffee head.
“After we got the DELTA Diamond, every day the scale build up got smaller and smaller until it disappeared. We are very happy. We tell people all the time they should all have a DELTA Diamond on their homes. It’s amazing the amount of money people spend on bottled water but we’ve got water coming out of the sink in our coffee van that tastes better than home supply. It would be great for motor homes too.”
This feedback led to us adding a customised DELTA RV to our range, but that’s a whole other story!