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DELTA at FarmFest in Toowoomba

Posted on May 17, 2021 water treatment, water treatment solution

Bring your water samples to our DELTAwater solutions stand at FarmFest Toowoomba on June 8-10 and we will do a basic water test for free! You’ll find us at Site 1/10B.

Water treatment for stock, irrigation and horticulture

Family-owned manufacturing company DELTAwater solutions overcomes problems associated with salinity, scale build-up caused by calcium and magnesium, water hardness, iron, and corrosion.

Salty bore water was wreaking havoc on western NSW farmer Frank Cox’s 40-hectare irrigated lucerne paddock. His crops and pastures are now flourishing, following the installation of a custom-designed DELTA water treatment system.

“My income turned around from $7000 a month to $30,000 a month. The DELTA has had a huge part in that,” Frank says.

In Queensland, Helidon lucerne grower Robert Hogan also relies heavily on bore water. He installed a DELTA to treat problems his highly saline water was causing such as stunted growth. He is now harvesting around 4000 extra bales every year.

“The DELTA has made a hell of a difference here,” Robert says. “Over the whole farm we’ve gone from only doing 17-20 bales a paddock to around 40 bales. That equates to around 4000 extra bales a year due to the DELTA.”

Alex and Dianne Panov founded DELTAwater solutions more than 25 years ago. The award-winning 100% Australian company will attend FarmFest on June 8-10.