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DELTA RV for caravans and motorhomes

Posted on June 10, 2016

DELTA RV solves water problems in travelling couple’s ‘home away from home’

Newcastle couple Lance and Kathy Bertwhistle have been keen campers for a long time, and five years ago took their passion for self-contained travel to a new level when they bought a caravan.

To make sure the van didn’t sit in their back yard, they joined the Jayco Owner’s Club Hunter Region and spend weekends and holidays travelling with a group of around 55 others throughout NSW and Victoria.

But one thing they weren’t prepared for with their new ‘home away from home’ was having to replace pipes, fittings, hot water annodes and water using appliances because of the varying qualities of water they tap into.

In 2015 they installed a new salty water treatment system that Newcastle based manufacturing company DELTAwater solutions has custom designed for water treatment in caravans and motorhomes – the DELTA RV.

DELTA RV water treatment for caravans and motorhomes

Lance purchased a new kettle and replaced all his parts and pipes before he installed his DELTA RV. He monitored the results by comparing their van with a friend’s van which wasn’t fitted with the DELTA RV. They travelled together, and tapped into the same water types.

“We travelled to some beautiful places with not so beautiful water. We went down the Great Ocean Road, up through Melbourne, out to Nagambi and then Echuca. The water was pretty bad at Echuca because there’s not much water out there because of drought. We also went to Nundle which uses water from Chaffey Dam – the dam was that low you could smell the bore water in the shower block.”

After 12 months on the road Lance was thrilled to report his annual caravan maintenance program was as simple as checking pipes, fittings and hot water annodes, then putting them back where they belong.

The kettle they bought when they installed the DELTA RV is still ‘as new’. They no longer have the brown tinge in the bottom they used to get from the mineral rich water going through it, and there’s no corrosion on the base.

“When my friend and I got our hot water annodes out and lay them side by side, that’s when you could really tell the huge difference the DELTA RV made. My friend’s anode was corroded and needed replacing. Mine was fine and I just put it back on.”

Lance says other improvements they’ve noticed from the salty water treatment RV system include a cleaner water filter cleaner, improved palatability of water, no more calcium stains in the shower, sinks and toilets and no calcium buildup in shower heads and taps.

“Kathy and I have also noticed better lathering with soaps, shampoo and detergents,” he says.

When Lance first started using the DELTA RV, he stored it in a milk crate with the hose he used to attach to water supplies in parks. He then found a place to attach the unit permanently underneath his van before the water pump, and he just hooks his hose into the end.

“It’s really compact so you don’t even know it’s there. It’s going to make a real difference in the long term, we’re not spending the money we used to on repairs and the water isn’t corroding pipes under the van. We are very happy to have found the DELTA RV.”

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