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DELTA’s water advisory service

Posted on April 17, 2014

The essential first step to solving water quality problems

We have been developing the DELTAwater water treatment technology for around 25 years and believe our success is due to our strong focus on testing our customers’ water before making our product recommendations.

Reduced water quality as a result of ongoing dry conditions highlights the need to look for the best possiblewater treatment technology options for domestic, agricultural and commercial purposes.

DELTAwater solutions manufactures water treatment technology products for scale, corrosion, salinity, iron and algae problems in bore, river and town water supplies.

The technology, which treats unlimited volumes of water, is pollution and maintenance free and incurs no chemical, maintenance or energy costs.

It is crucial in recommending the right water treatment technology to understand the quality of the water, how it is being used and the problems it is causing. Through our indepth Water Advisory Service we are able to fully understand and appreciate the problems our customers are having, whether it be on a large scale, in their backyards or in their homes.

We believe this is the key to the continued success our customers are reporting from their DELTA water treatment technology because we know exactly what water problems we’re treating right from the start.

  • DELTAwater solutions Water Advisory Service: Our experienced specialist staff test water samples under laboratory conditions, finding problems associated with calcium-magnesium mineral scale, hard water, iron, salinity, algae and corrosion. Test results ensure that our customer service manager and manufacturing department can provide water treatment recommendations for your specific problem, then supply a product to suit your needs or custom-design one for you.