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Lime trees thrive after magnetic touch

Posted on January 10, 2012

Lime tree orchardist Phil Oliver is adamant his workload’s grown since he installed the DELTA technology at his northern Queensland property.

But he isn’t complaining. His trees are flowering and fruiting more than ever, his yield is up and he’s sure the result is down to the technology of Hunter Valley-based company DELTAwater solutions.

The DELTA water treatment technology has transformed his harsh bore water into quality liquid and he’s happy to shoulder the extra work from a more productive orchard.

“I’m picking non-stop every two weeks now and I blame Alex and Dianne Panov from DELTAwater solutions,” Phil jokes.

“I’m behind on picking now because there’s so much crop. They’ve given me much more work. And that’s the problem. I have to work harder!”

Phil knew his 450-strong Tahitian lime tree orchard at Biboohra, north of Mareeba, was in trouble when lower branches sprayed with irrigated water from sprinklers started dying and yields slowed.

So he started searching for a solution and came across DELTA. The 100% Australian-made product, which treats water through powerful magnetic fields, ishelping people in Australia and overseas battle salinity and mineral problems in water supplies and soils.

The orchardist installed a grade-four unit and within three weeks saw a surge of life through his struggling trees.

“I started seeing results with new shoots coming through the branches that were still alive around the base,” he says.

“And then within four weeks of watering, massive flowering started and it just hasn’t stopped.”

The Oliver family has also noticed a striking change in their domestic water, which gets the DELTA touch as well.

“I’m very happy with the DELTA technology,” Phil says. “People need to know there’s something out there that will give them results with their water, whether it’s just in the house, in the garden or for farmers like me. So I’m definitely recommending for people to give it a go.”