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Delta solution for cotton research facility

Posted on May 15, 2009

Six months of water treatment with a DELTA CU40 unit has led to major cost-savings for Deltapine Cotton Research Facility in Narrabri, NSW.

The DELTA technology has eliminated calcium scale and algal growth from 50 metres of cooling pads along the full length of a glasshouse wall.

Two sumps each supplied water to 25 metres of cooling pads. The water then travelled back to the sumps for recycling. A DELTA CU40 was installed on a pipe after the pump, drawing from one of the sumps.

After three weeks most of the algae was dead and at the bottom of the sump and the water was clear and the spin filter after the pump on the treated circuit was almost clear of algae growth.

After six months the treated section of pads was completely free of calcium scale build-up and algae growth. Before installing the DELTA CU40, Deltapine was considering replacing the 50 metres of pads but due to the success of treatment with the DELTA technology they didn’t have to.