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Garden solution for salty bore

Posted on March 16, 2018 bore water treatment

John Lindsay has 360-degree views from his house on a steep hill in South Australian town Strathalbyn. As he approached summer in 2012, from all angles his garden was struggling. The rainwater supply in the tank was low and he was tapping into his salty bore water with extremely high mineral content. So he turned to DELTAwater solutions for answers.

He installed one of our 100% DELTA water treatment systems and shandied his precious tank water with his DELTA-treated bore water. His tough garden, in one of South Australia’s most historic and picturesque towns southeast of Adelaide, responded immediately.

High salt and mineral content

Then the rainwater ran out. John contacted DELTAwater solutions again and installed one of their custom-designed products, the Heavy Duty SL, which treats water previously untreatable due to extremely high salt and mineral content.

When we upgraded to one of their Heavy Duty SL units, straight away things started growing better again. I’m very happy with the DELTA system, with what it’s done for my garden area and my home.

DELTAwater’s 100% Australia products have 20 years of proven success delivering water treatment technology solutions for a range of water problems including salinity, iron and scale. The company’s products are chemical, maintenance and power free.

Immediate response

John noticed a difference in the way his water behaved as soon as the DELTA technology was in place.

When I first put water on the ground without the DELTA treatment it just sat there, it wouldn’t soak in. But when I put the DELTA unit on, the water just disappeared, just soaked right in easily.

John, his wife and children and father-in-law continue to enjoy their healthy garden featuring an acre of green kikuyu lawn, bottlebrushes, gum trees, pigface and lavender.  An orchard that includes nectarines, plums, peaches and cherries and a vegie plot are also thriving.

Reduced maintenance

The DELTA technology has also made a difference to his maintenance. There’s no scale build up in pipes and he only changes a sprinkler ‘every blue moon’.

Company director Dianne Panov says demand for DELTA’s water treatment systems continues to grow with Australia experiencing continued dry conditions, meaning a heavier reliance on bore water supplies.  One of the products attracting the most demand is the Heavy Duty SL.

“Our Heavy Duty range literally walks out the door with an increasing number of people from all over Australia contacting us for a solution to the problems caused by water with excessively high mineral content,” Dianne says.

Custom products for specific water problems

DELTAwater solutions spent several years developing, testing and improving the Heavy Duty range. Initially they manufactured a range specifically for large-scale enterprises such as mines and large-scale irrigation. They then introduced it to large-scale fruit and vegetable growers who were experiencing stunted growth and crop losses due to high salinity and scale problems.

“We have adapted this product to suit all growers of salt-sensitive plants, from growers supplying garden markets right down to people trying to establish and maintain their home gardens. We are thrilled to hear what a difference it makes for people like John whose gardens are such an important part of their day to day lives, especially over summer,” Dianne says.

  • DELTAwater solutions, founded by Alex and Dianne Panov, has a strong track record with its water treatment technology across Australia and overseas.

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